Targeted market

Targeted market

Thanks to the analysis of the statistical data of purchase, possible with our application, any useful information for marketing purposes is read-only.

Big data analysis

Great news is the extension of traceability that goes beyond the distribution chain, reaching the final purchaser and continuing to follow the product over the sale.

Anti counterfeiting system

Revolutionary anti counterfeiting system

bCerty is built with a strong verification system that through the NFC can assure the 100% originality of the product ensuring the brand protection of your business.

*devices without NFC can assure the originality with the secret code in product tag after the purchase.

The consumer app

bCerty app devices

Cosumers are able to certify their purchased products with our app.

They can also enable certified review and other contents to enhance their interaction with their products like never before.

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Certified products

Certified products

The bCerty system allows users of the application to acquire, in full respect of privacy, the certified property on the products they purchase, as well as entering credentials, personal data and comments.

Certified comments

Certified comments

All the comments that your product will receive are 100% from original and certified purchases to ensure the maximum transparency.

Social consolidation

The product becomes social

Through a direct channel of interaction with the product, you can get updates in real time and receive news about the market news.


QRCode product profile
QRCode profile

Scanning the QRCode  the consumer can access a detailed profile of a product directly on bcerty.com

NFC originality identification
Real-time Originality Identification

With our patented system and a NFC capable device, the consumer can check the originality of a product even before the actual purchase

Product interaction

People who purchase original bcerty protected products can also leave certified reviews on it. This mean that all the review are posted by only real consumers

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