BCerty will move an anti-counterfeiting patented system, currently used to univocally identify every single object and his property, onto the blockchain technology.

This improving gives to producers the opportunity to use the newest and better technology as well as a great marketing leverage versus his final customers.

The brand protection, for which now billions are spent, will be made directly by end users whom will obtain tokens as reward for their fidelity and interaction with the goods.

Furthermore, the marketing and product’s information will lead to a fast, easy and secure communication channel between producers and customers.

The goal is to “uberize” the investigations on product’s originality giving to people the opportunity to be paid to verify product’s originality.

The goal

Our system is currently centralized. Our goal is to gradually decentralize part of the platform to a sort of hybrid system.


Decentralized layers

Identity service: layer used to identify addresses and roles for the agents on the blockchain.

Item manager: layer used to managed the tag lifetime, from the production to the final purchase.

Social application: layer used to leave comments and reviews to the product.

Private nodes: some private nodes will guarantee a secure access to the blockchain.

Our token

The token used on blockchain (BcertyToken – BCT) will be released via an ICO.


ICO (Initial Coin Offer)

The tokens will be sold during the ICO and distributed to all the users that participate. It will last for 30 days without limitation and in the first 20 days the participant can retract his offer.
Moreover in the first 20 days the user will access a exclusive discount on the purchase that will start from the 20% the first day to the 10% at the 20th day.
When the ICO is ended Digicando will reserve an additional 20% of the all tokens sold and an additional 20% will be sold in a pre-sale for a total 40% extra tokens.

For each bid, you will be able to indicate the maximum capitalization for which you intend to participate, with the result that if you exceed it, your offer will be automatically excluded.

Base price will be 1ETH for 500BCT.



The BcertyToken will be used by producers for pay tag production, and eventually deposit verification bounties. This will become the first revenue method by Digicando.
The cost in token will be updated as the market value change to ensure a stable cost.


Tag verification

During the production step it will be possibile to enable the tag verification.
With the verification the final customer will be able to ensure the tag originality plus getting a reward called “Verification bounty”.
This bounty will be detracted from the token payment and deposited in the tag contract.

Verification bounty
The verification bounty is an incentive to verify the tags. The bounty will be proportionally distributed during the time to avoid continuous verifications from the same person.

Example of verification bounty lifetime
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