Brand authentication

Each brand can be protected from illegal activities, as they will be the same customers and consumers who will verify the authenticity of products, through its own smartphone.

Consumer intelligence

Know your market is an inescapable factor for the effectiveness of your business.
bCerty allows to acquire credentials and direct feedbacks from the users of the app, in full respect of privacy.
It also detects important data in real time for the products and the interaction between product and customer, including data related to geographic areas.

Customer care

Through secure and private digital windows, used for chat, comments, pictures and more, we provide a dedicated support service and personalized customer.

Our requirement for a strong authentication


it involves being able to recognize that an item comes out of the own production chain and not from different sources.

No generation

it implies that a malicious can not generate a marker that passes the authenticity verification

No replication

given an marker, it is impossible to create more copies unrecognizable from the original

Prove the tampering

it is possible to detect if a mark has been tampered or the protection system is altered in any way

The production software

With this software you will be able to activate the special tags, print the label and write the NFC tag.

Our web app

Create the profile of your products and make your tag orders, in the most simple and productive way.
We have the right solution for your production chain.

You will receive the special tags with the activation codes.

Start protecting your brand now

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